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Polahi isolated tribe in Indonesia

In modern times, as now there are still groups of people who have a pattern of life like in ancient times. In the jungle Boliyohato, Gorontalo live several nomadic groups which is more known as the Tribal Polahi. Polahi tribe is even more behind than the interest rate that is still considered primitive in Indonesia. Average of the other primitive tribes at least have started settling down and started to open the outdoor life.
Polahi tribe has changed lifestyle change (Nomad) from one forest to another forest. They are also not familiar clothing, religion and even they do not know the day. In everyday they spend all their time in the woods with only a small thatched hut rely on foliage without walls as their temporary resting place. To make ends meet, they usually hunt wild boar. Deer and snakes. In addition, they also consume leaves, tubers and root crops as a food wicker daily. To cook them using bamboo sticks as a container. How to cook is also very, very simple by including all the groceries into the hole above the fireplace and burned bamboo to bamboo rods had cracked or broken as a sign that the food has finished cooking. The food is 100% original without any seasoning because they are not familiar with seasoning spices. Another unique thing of interest is how to dress polahi. If we know some tribes in Papua uses Koteka as cover nakedness, then the tribe Polahi prefer to use their loincloths made from the leaves of the tied rope uses of wood biscuits. Loincloth is also used by women. They are not familiar with the breastplate aka Bra. So the women in their daily Polahi Spare Canister alias is half naked. The most unique of these tribes is the marriage system. They may be the only tribe in Indonesia which adheres to inbreeding, where if a family has children, male and female, they will automatically marry with his brother. So their children once they become law. Even the mother could marry his son and the father could marry his daughter. Hopefully the Indonesian government could give attention to all Tribal Peoples in this country so that they too can enjoy the modern life and get their rights as citizens.

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